Feel the cold… but then warm up inside

The Finnish winter is long and cold. Luckily, with the right combination of thermal underwear and an insulated jacket, you can actually enjoy what the season has to offer by venturing outdoors for a few hours for some cross country skiing.

Hit the trails in Kemiö

Skiing season starts when the snow falls, so bring a pair of skis with you and dare to venture into the forest around your cottage. Prepared trails are also nearby, at Långdalen for a 2.5km trail or to Dalsbruk.

After a few months of winter the frozen sea provides the best track for those of you who are more adventurous. The shore is only meters away from your cottage and islands are nearby for your exploration. If going out onto the frozen sea, it is important to first check the ice conditions  and to bring a chisel with you to frequently check that the thickness of the ice is at least 5cm. It is also important to bring along safety ice picks, a rope and a change of clothes in case someone falls through the ice.

Make memories

Being outdoors in the winter does not have to be painful and can actually be a great experience. Bring your family with you, and prepare some hot chocolate and a snack so that you can sit and take a break together during your journey and marvel at the beautiful nature. By February, the sun will be shinning on your cheeks again and you will actually work up a sweat. Set the timer on your sauna before you leave and enjoy the warmth by the fire when you come back – pure bliss.