Sports Hall

Participating in sport and staying active is a national pastime in Finland. This is why we encourage our guests to participate in activities during their stay with us and to experience what the great Finnish outdoors has to offer. On days where the outdoors don’t look so appealing or for organizing a program with a larger group, you are welcome to make use of the athletic facilities in our sports hall.

For your use

Our indoor sports hall is located on Mellangård.
The hall was built in 2002 and the size of the playing surface is 16 x 36 m.

The floor is rubber and so is comfortable on your feet, and during the winter the temperature is kept at 10-15 degrees.

Our sports hall is fully equipped to play tennis, badminton, floor-ball and basketball which means you must only bring some indoor shoes to play.


  • Tennis 15e/hour
  • Badminton 10e/hour
  • Floor ball 40e/hour