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Boat rental Yamarin
From €390.00 / d
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Rent a motor boat

There are literally thousands of islands to explore in the archipelago region, many of them only accessible when traveling by boat. Spending time on the sea is a great way to relax or find your next big catch. Whether you are a fisherman or simply someone who enjoys the outdoors, boating during your stay with us is a sure way to enhance the Finnish cottage experience.s.


Rent a motor boat during your stay with us

We have two motor boats that are available for rent. Both of them are suited for 5-6 people and are well equipped to take out while fishing. The dock is located just 100m from the Marielund cottages with a fish smoker close by for you to enjoy once you get back.


Boat specifications



  • 5-6 people
  • Yamaha motor, 60 hp
  • 98 octane gas
  • Rental price as listed above in the calendar (+ gas paid with use of boat)
  • Please note: We request that those who rent a boat from us sign a boat rental contract when they arrive.